Happy 5th Blog Anniversary!

Today marks five years since I created My Anosmatic Life and wrote my very first post When It All Started. Wow, time flies! During this blog journey, I have made new friends who have anosmia and/or support individuals living with anosmia, became an ambassador for Fifth Sense, been interviewed on a podcast, and recently joined a #LetsTalkSmellandTaste conversation to discuss my life with Samter’s Triad. … Continue reading Happy 5th Blog Anniversary!

My Anosmatic Life in GIF-mode

Lacking a sense of smell brings so many thoughts to mind.What better funny way to show my past and current thoughts than through GIFs. I love GIFs and they are so convenient to express your feelings. This is how I really feel/have felt at times. Smell checks are everything. Of course mine are usually random. I’ll take a pit check, shoe check, just please tell … Continue reading My Anosmatic Life in GIF-mode

Anosmia Awareness Day 2021

Tomorrow, February 27 is Anosmia Awareness Day. This day always creeps up real quick. I’m no longer writing “Happy” in front of it because not everything is happy about Anosmia to me. While I am thankful there is a day designated to acknowledge anosmia to raise awareness, nothing is happy about losing your sense of smell – IMO. So many people are losing their sense … Continue reading Anosmia Awareness Day 2021

New Year, New Intention – Smell Training Begins!

Happy New Year, Folks! 2020 was crazy. So glad it’s gone. In this new year, I would like to try something new. Usually, I make personal goals to achieve something, but this year I am also making intentions to live by each day. One of my intentions is that I will release my fears of not being able to smell again. It’s daunting, and thinking … Continue reading New Year, New Intention – Smell Training Begins!

Say Hello to the New Fifth Sense Public Ambassador

On my search to make sense of this scentless life of mine, I discovered Fifth Sense and a lot more started making more sense to me about anosmia. Founded by Duncan Boak in 2012, Fifth Sense is a UK-based charity organization that provides support and advice to people around the world like me affected by smell and taste-related disorders so that society can understand what … Continue reading Say Hello to the New Fifth Sense Public Ambassador